Providing Video Production for your creative endeavours, from concept creation to direction, videography, and editing –– a one-person-crew. Catering to those creatives who need assistance in their artistic diction wherever they may be on their particular path. It's all about support isn't it?

  • Soul Del Mar – Artisan Body Suits

    Soul Del Mar are featured in their first ever video. Artisan Body Suits, crafted and worn by gorgeous goddesses. Depicting the amalgamation of elements, ideas, personality, and the spirit of creative collaboration within the journey …

  • Black Dress – Official Music Video

    Hey Sugar Music presents ‘Black Dress’ – A cover performed by Jaymai Johnson that sings of love, and loss, and the transient nature of the human condition. Shot with the Sony A6300 on 4K, this …

  • ‘Calmate’ Official Music Video

    ‘Calmate’ Official Music Video by Gonzalez Music Lab –– A Spanish and English Production. Featuring two dancers progressing throughout their day through dance. A visual metaphor, for the day and night of the soul. During …

  • Flamenco Australia Performance

    Flamenco Performance by renowned ‘Flamenco Australia’ filmed using two DSLR cameras, one stationary, and another hand-held capturing the show live. 

  • Fashion Branding Video

    Fashion Branding Video for ‘Atena Fashion’ –– Model is wearing 3 different garments, capturing the freedom of the brand, and the beauty of the clothing. Set in Sydney, Australia featuring up and coming Brand ‘Atena’ …

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